Shoreditch Team

Brett: Cut Specialist

Brett has years of creating and executing cuts to perfection, a great all rounder Brett can deliver all your haircut needs effortlessly and with beautiful detail.

Shedia: Stylist

Shedia has over thirteen years experience in colouring and cutting hair, starting her career in Italy and working with the best hairdressers she is now settled in London. Shedia has great communication and ensures her clients get a beautiful finish.

Carla: Stylist

With over twenty years in the industry Carla creates beautiful hair effortlessly. Carla loves  hair up styles as well as short stylish looks.

Ethan: Stylist

Ethan started his career in Canary Wharf training at Sean Hannah, with over five years of experience Ethan has a passion for transforming his clients and ensuring they leave the salon feeling their best selves. From a bold highlight a bold colour change, Ethan does it all.

Konstantin: Senior Stylist

Konstantin specialises in colour, cutting and connecting with people. Originating from Latvia, Konstantin has over 10 years of experience, with a keen eye for perfection and detail, the best part of his day is seeing how his finished looks can make clients feel great.


Molly: Stylist

Molly has seven years experience in the industry and specialises in both cutting and colouring, with a passion for art and an eye for detail Molly loves transformations from subtle to bold colour changes. Molly loves creative work as well as the classics.

Nicola: Art Director : Colour Specialist

Working alongside Tom as our lead Shoreditch colourist's with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Nicola enjoys blonde transformations, classic hairdressing and barbering. Nicola ensures her clients have a 5 star salon visit.


Ramone: Front of House

Street wear model and public figure. Everybody’s best friend.


Suzana: Stylist

Suzana has over nine years of experience in the hairdressing industry. A strong colourist Suzana loves cresting beautiful colours using the latest techniques, her favourite colours are sun kissed brunettes and bright healthy blondes.

Tom: Director : Colour Specialist

Tom has been an integral part of the team for over seven years, working his way up to director. Tom believes creativity and etiquette go hand in hand. Tom holds an effortless rapport with clients and he will strive to give them the best hair. While Tom is a specialist in lifting dark bases to clean blondes evenly, he also loves creating blended balayage and sun kissed colours.